Image of Robert

Webguy (A.K.A. Dad)

In 2004 when I started doing real estate full time, we decided we needed a website.  Robert knew alot about computers, took a course on Dreamweaver at PSU, as well as other computer programs, and set about building a website for me.   It turned out to be amazing, and by 2007, we were found in the search for Portland Realtors on the first page, organically! It had alot of content to help buyers and sellers, and we had written a whole 100 page online book, called the Portland Neighborhood Guide. No one had done that yet, so it made a big splash. The Portland Welcoming Committee actually gave it out to visitors who came to Portland, as a resource to learn about Portland neighborhoods.

We also started giving Portland neighborhood tours at that time.  In 2017 we decided the website needed to be redone, and all the neighborhoods had to be rewritten.  Portland had changed so much in those 10 years, and the internet was so more complex. You could do so much more with a website, so in the fall of 2017 Robert started rebuilding the website.  I had to rewrite almost everything, and he had to figure out how to make it look good, and work for the search engines.   We finished in the fall of 2018.  But it will be a work in progress, as we continually update it and add to it.