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Why hire Us as your Realtor®('s)?

Our Code of Ethics

How I built my business- I always try to put my client's interests first. I strive to be honest and sincere... and I really do care about my clients. I am one of those strange people that actually likes and trusts other people! And time and again, this belief in people has proven to be justified! Hopefully, if I continue to live by this rule - I will build a loyal group of clients who will keep coming back when they need help with real estate - and will recommend me to their friends! I'm also a go-getter, very creative in my thinking and business, and willing to work 24-7 if need be! I have raised my daughters to be the same kind of people, and they are! So, whichever one of us you choose, you will know that we will always do our very best to help you - either find a house to buy, or sell your house! The four of us work together because we love, trust and respect each other. So, if one of us can't help you with something, the rest of us will jump in and get it done!

What makes Us Different?

I have been a Realtor® since 1998 - and have had my own company since 2006! One by one, my three daughters joined me as my partners - First Hayley, my youngest, got her license when she was just 18 - and worked with me full time in 2005. She sold 35 houses that first year, and is now a Principal Broker herself! Wendy, my oldest, got her license in early 2006. She caught on really fast, and had more business than she could handle within a year! My middle daughter, Lisa, saw how much fun we were all having, she got her license also but is taking a break now to be a stay at home mom. Lyle, my son in law, now has his license and has been doing great as well!

Each one of us has our own distinct personality, specialties and strengths, which we can use to help you with your real estate needs. Our company is very unique - because we love each other! And because of this, we are always willing to help each other when help is needed, and go that extra mile for you - Our client - because this is our very own company - part of us - a legacy we are building for our future!

My husband is my web guy. I write and design and he puts it together. So, because our whole family is involved, our real estate business is a big part of our lives - it's something we do together - intertwined in all that we do. It's exciting and extremely rewarding to help our clients and build our Family Business together. You can learn more about our different personalities by clicking on our photos.

The Portland Neighborhood Guide

As we began to work with more and more people from out of town who were moving to Portland, I realized we needed to help them get to know our city better. So many people asked us what part of Portland they should look in - and the answer is pretty complex. We have so many wonderful Neighborhoods here - each with its own flavor, distinct personality and lifestyle... that I decided to try and put it all into an online book that people could read - with photos, maps, detailed descriptions, history, links to schools, parks, trails, and other things that were unique to that Neighborhood. We all got together and wrote it - in 2006 - and have been adding to it and updating it ever since.

It was a huge undertaking - in fact, it took over a year to write. But it has helped so many people to understand how Portland is put together... and figure out what area they would like to settle down in. I was shocked when I got an email from the Portland Welcoming Committee in Pioneer Square saying that they liked my Portland Neighborhood Guide so much, they were giving out the link to anyone who wanted to learn more about Portland! They said it was the best guide they had found! You can go to Our Neighborhood Guide by clicking any of the links labeled Portland Neighborhood Guide or up at the top and left menus of the website, where it says Portland Neighborhood Guide.

Things We do that are Unique

  • Our Portland Neighborhood Guide is what I am most proud of. It gives the flavor and personality of each Neighborhood of Portland - history, photos and collages, unique features of each Neighborhood, links to parks, schools, street fairs, farmers markets, public transportation, google integrated maps in Our New Updated Site soon to launch, all kinds of things that will help you understand what the Neighborhood is like. It was a big undertaking - We wrote it to help people get to know and love Portland like we do!
  • Since Neighborhoods are such an important part of Portland, We have a Search by Neighborhood tool on our website - It will send you updated emails each day, by neighborhood and price - that will give you the listings as soon as they come out in the neighborhoods you choose and the price you want! You can choose as many neighborhoods as you like! Then, when you see something you would like to look at - send me an email or call me, and I'll try and show it to you as soon as possible!
  • We do 1.5% Listings - Full Service Listing Service for a Discount Price. We advertise it in more places than most Realtors®, provide you feedback whenever it's shown, put up a sign and design color flyers... plus keep the flyer box full. I have been an amateur semi/professional photographer for 30 years and have a Cannon Rebel 12 Mega-Pixel Camera - plus the latest Photo Shop to edit the pictures with - so you get awesome photos. I'm also a writer by trade - so the write ups are well written with headlines that catch people's attention and word pictures that entice buyers. I'm also always open to new ideas if you have your own idea for listing contracts! And I don't lock you into a long contract. We can do a 30 day contract if you like - you can always renew, so it never expires.
  • We do Flat Fee Listings - which are the best around because you benefit from all the extra advertising my listings get - it will be featured on Realtor.com, I do the photos and write up the first ad - and if you decide to switch to a regular 1.5% Listing, I credit you back your Flat Fee when it sells! It's a no-lose proposition! I'm a multi-million-dollar Diamond producer - have been for several years! I have lots of get up and go and experience - and would love to help you! I work any hours you need me!
  • I have remodeled and sold houses for most of my life - worked at the Tigard Home Depot for 5 years... in electrical for 3. I taught classes on electrical, plumbing, and all kinds of remodeling - even writing and teaching the 2-hour electrical class for Home Depot University. I have lots of experience in remodeling homes - have a good eye for problems - and am very good at seeing potential in a home. I know the market, and can help you choose a home that will be a great investment! Or if you are selling, I can help you with the negotiations when the buyer tries to get you to do repairs that don't really need to be done! I have been a Realtor® since 1998, lived in the Portland Metro area since 1993. I sell on both the East side and the West side. I live in Tigard - so am very familiar with the West Suburbs - but I have been specializing in the Inner City of Portland - because I love all the cool old houses, the Neighborhoods and the Community feel.
  • I have done lots of Short Sales and have sold alot of Bank Owned and Foreclosed homes, so I can help you find a good deal if you are a buyer, or if you are a seller, and your home is not worth what you owe on it, I can help you with the Short Sales. Short Sales take alot of time and work, but they can be worth it because people are getting amazing deals!
  • I work with some great mortgage brokers if you need a referral. One has been in the top of his field for 32 years - If he qualifies you, you know he will get the loan done! I also try to keep up with all the new loans - I am always willing to look at new loan options that could help my clients!
  • I am very available. I only take on as many listings or buyers as I can handle well - I co-list each of my listings with my daughter or son-in-law so that they can help me stay on top of it by helping me show your house, keep the fliers full, get the ads out regularly, keep all the paperwork up to date and organized etc. We all keep our cell phones with us and try to either answer all our calls right away, or call people back as soon as possible. We really do strive to give you excellent service!

Cruise through my website to learn more about me, my work, my listings and my sales! And my knowledge of the Portland area! Also, read through the pages about Our Company - and each of Our biographies. It will help you get to know Us better - and hopefully your will choose one of Us to help you.

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