Portland Creative Realtors

We are a local family of Creative Real Estate Professionals in Portland, mother, 3 daughters and son in law, who have been doing full service 1.5% listings since 2004, and helping buyers get to know all the different neighborhoods and suburbs of the Portland Metro area.   We have also been giving free Portland Neighborhood Tours since 2005!  

Portland Neighborhood Guide

Portland has lots to offer, and different parts of the Portland Metro area are extremely diverse and varied! We wrote the Portland Neighborhood Guide to help people get to know what the different areas of Portland are like, the inner city  and it’s suburbs, from the wine country to the Cascade Foothills. better and understand how Portland is laid out!  Click here to go to the guide.

Full Service 1.5% Listings

We do full service 1.5% listings, total commission can be as low as 2%, and we also do flat fee listings. We have been doing this since 2004. It is something we believe in! Click here to see how it all works.

We are a Family! Our Story.

A Family Real Estate® company in Portland.We are a local family Real Estate company in Portland Oregon, who love to hang out together, working and playing! Here is a bit of our history, so you can get to know us better!

Ask for a Neighborhood Tour

We give free Portland Neighborhood Tours, because we want our clients to understand all the different possibilities and lifestyles that the Portland Metro area offers. Click here to learn about our free Tours.

Relocation to Portland

Portland is a really big place, spread out over 134 SQ Mi, very diverse in both landscape and people, with 95 different neighborhoods in the inner city alone, plus suburbs stretching from the Cascade Mountains to the Wine Country. If you are relocating to Portland, we would love to help!

Flat Fee Listings

We offer lots of flexible listing programs. Our Flat fee program includes quite a bit more than most flat fee listing programs, so check out what we do and give us a call.  You can click here to learn more

Current Listings

Take a look at Our Current Listings. They go fast, and the Pendings do not show! Portland Creative Realtors®, specialize in helping sellers market their home to the best of our ability, no matter what kind of house it is!

Search for homes by neighborhood

You can use this feature to search for home using the map or by neighborhood.  You can save your searches and have new listings emailed to you as soon as they are listed.


Houses we have Sold

We’ve sold over 900 homes, selling an average of 50 homes per year, all over the Portland Metro area.  You can see all the homes we have sold on ouir website here, ore on zillow.