Lyle Peterson

Lyle Peterson is the newest member of our team. He has been helping his wife, Lisa, over the years with her Real Estate, and has been part of our Real Estate family, but he worked for Trader Joes, for 15 years, and was very happy there! In September, 2013, Lisa and Lyle had a 2nd child, Hazel- a little doll… They now 2 have kids… Oliver and Hazel. Once Hazel was born, Lyle realized he wanted to be home more so he could help out with the family. So Lyle got his Real Estate license, and began to practice in 2013. Lisa and Lyle also decided they wanted to Home School Oliver, who is 8. Lyle takes Oliver with him to preview houses, gives him little jobs he can do to help with the business, and gets him involved in what he is doing- so Oliver can grow up in the business and be part of the company someday too!

Lyle Peterson is a real asset to the company. He loves people, is super concientious, a go-getter, eager to learn and make his clients happy! He bends over backwards and does lots of extras, in both working with buyers and partnering on our listings! He learned awesome customer service by working at Trader Joes for so long- and it pays off in his real estate business. He is working along with his wife, Lisa, who has been doing real estate since 2006, so together they have years of experience. So far I have had rave reviews from all my clients that have had the pleasure of working with him!

Lyle Peterson is also a musician, in fact was part of a band until just recently. Real Estate has kind of taken over the time he used to spend, but he still jams with friends! He plays all kinds of music, especially jazz and … He also loves Craft Beers, what the city has to offer in way of festivals, neighborhoods etc, and loves the city of Portland, just like we all do!

He has all the same ethic values as the rest of us, and adds alot to our team! He is willing to do Open Houses, create music videos for our listings, and go the extra mile- and because he is a young man- 30 something… he has lots of creative new tech ideas that we are beginning to implement!

Lyle – Broker
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