Troutdale Oregon,  is at the entrance to the Columbia River Gorge, right at the intersection of the Sandy River as it flows into the Columbia River.

Photo Tour of Troutdale

The northern part borders on the Columbia, the northeastern part opens into the Gorge, and the rest of the eastern side flows up into the lower foothills of the Cascades.  Gresham is to the south and west, and Fairview and Wood Village to the west.  Because it is right at the gateway of the Columbia River Gorge, it is somewhat of a tourist area, and it’s downtown area about the same level as I 84, and the streets and neighborhoods going south, up into the hills around it.  Because it is right there at the entrance to the Columbia River Gorge, it gets high east winds, sometimes in the summer where they are hot, and in the winter when they are icy.  Troutdale Oregon has a really cute downtown area, catering to all the tourists that go into the gorge to enjoy the hikes, waterfalls and breathtaking beauty!  As I think of Troutdale Oregon, I Sandy River into columbiathink of the foothills nearby, the Columbia River below, the views, and the picturesque little town.  I also think about the weather. Because Troutdale is up against the foothills, it gets quite a bit more rain than Portland, up to 59 inches compared to 38.  It gets more snow and ice because of the east winds coming out of the gorge, and the icy north winds coming across the Columbia.

Houses in Troutdale Oregon are somewhat cheaper than Portland, because it is farther east, and the only access to it is on I 84, which can get really clogged down with traffic during rush hour.  The  Max light rail goes out to Gresham, which isn’t too far from Troutdale, so people can catch it into downtown. But it is still a long way.   There are lots of different types of neighborhoods in Portland, from inexpensive older neighborhoods from the 70s and 80s, to older historic neighborhoods near the downtown area, to newer more expensive and really pretty neighborhoods up in the hills, some with breathtaking views of the Columbia River and mountains on the Washington farmland troutdaleside, or of Mt Hood to the east.    There are also homes on the outskirts of Troutdale Oregon that have acreage, there are homes on the edge of the foothills that are on creeks or in little isolated valleys, and there are areas mostly to the south that offer some farmland.

What I love about Troutdale Oregon is the location!  You have access to the mighty Columbia, but it is also really close to all the gorgeous waterfalls along the gorge, like Bridal Falls and Multnomah Falls, and if you travel just a few miles farther,  you are in one of the most amazing places I have ever seen! This is what unfolds before you.   As you drive along 84 through the gorge, you are driving through beautiful forest, along a huge river, with waterfalls cascading all over the place. As you continue driving, the hills change, from forest to desert!  The first time I saw this, I was just blown away.  Before you get to Hood River, you are in dense forest on each side.   As you round the bend, getting into Hood River, you see hills that are partly bare, covered with golden grass.  As you continue, the hills turn into sculptured masterpieces of shadows and ridges, with small bunches of green dotting them.  And all this, as you are driving along one of the biggest rivers in the US.   Where else can you see anything like this! Troutdale Oregon also has access, not only to a huge river for recreation like fishing, kayaking, boating etc,  but also to mountain trails, skiing, snowmobiling, and Timberline Lodge!

Mcmenamins EdgefieldTroutdale Oregon also has over a dozen parks, one of the most famous of the McMenamins Inns, Edgefield, a huge outlet store complex, and a historic downtown that makes you feel like you are on vacation somewhere!  It also has a 6000 SF library which is tied into all the Multnomah County libraries, which is one of the largest library systems in the country,  offering over 2,000,000 books, music and videos.   It seems like the best of both worlds, it has a small time feel, yet is just 30 minutes from Portland.  It is a wonderful place to visit, and I think it would be a wonderful place to live if you love the mountains, river and nature.


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