Grant Park Neighborhood

portland neighborhood guide, Grant Park Neighborhood
Just a little ways off Broadway- right in the middle of the east side of the city, with tree lined streets, beautiful historic homes of every style, is Grant Park neighborhood, which took it’s name from the 20 acre park it is built around! The Grant Park neighborhood is surrounded by some of Portland’s most expensive and beautiful neighborhoods: Irvington, Alameda, Rose City, Hollywood, Sullivan’s Gulch, Laurelhurst, and Beaumont-Wilshire. It’s right in the middle of inner NE Portland and it’s quick and easy to get into downtown- just take the Broadway Bridge.
historic houseThere are a lot of really spectacular historic homes, all different kinds, but it seems like the English, and the Tudor set the mood. You can also find Craftsman, Four Square, Old PDX, Cape Cod, Cottage, and Bungalows, and the sizes go from Huge to small 2 bedroom. The one thing that they have in common, is that they all have character and charm, and most of the streets are gorgeous home grant parktree lined!

You can walk to everything- restaurants, cafes, shops, not too far from the MAX, close to the Hollywood branch of the library, parks.. Everything is close by! There is also a huge heated community swimming pool- tennis courts, a playground and a dog park area. You can walk up the hill through Alameda to Alameda Ridge and english style homelook back towards the city and gorgeous views, walk along Knott St in the fall on the tree lined street filled with breathtaking reds, golds and yellows and piles of fluffy leaves you can run through or jump into, or takes walks in the springtime as the cherry blossoms fall like snowflakes and cover the ground- turning the sidewalks pink and white. The Grant Park neighborhood is a family neighborhood, secret stairways from Grant to Alamedawith a community feel and neighborhood spirit- and good schools- a place you can really grow roots!


Besides the park, people love walking through the hills behind 35th and Siskiyou for breathtaking views, and going up the little hidden hillside stairwells that take you to the top of Alameda Ridge. The trees on Knott Street between 33rd and 42nd Avenues are famous for their gorgeous flowers in spring and the colorful maples in fall.

Parks in Grant Park Neighborhood

grant park, portland neighborhood guide, Grant Park Neighborhood
Grant Park
  • Grant Park has lots of big beautiful trees, a playground, and a dog park area. It also adjoins Grant High School, so it has lighted tennis courts, swimming pool, a track, and lots of playground equipment for kids. See more information about Grant Park- where it is and what it is like by clicking on link
  • Grant Pool There is a community swimming pool!grant park pool historic Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden for Children is amazing! I used to, probably like all moms, read Ramona the Brave to my daughters. Here is a park dedicated to
  • Beverly Cleary. It was dedicated in 1995, and includes life-sized renditions by local sculptor Lee Hunt of grant parkthree Cleary characters: Ramona Quimby, Henry Huggins, and Ribsy (Henry’s dog). The life-sized sculptures were created using vintage clothes on wax models to create a realistic feel. The sculpture of Ramona is dressed in raincoat and boots, with a joyous expression, and is positioned such that she splashes in the garden’s fountain, (This is Portland, mind you!) Granite tiles placed around the sculptures are inscribed with quotes from Cleary’s most famous books.

History of Grant Park Neighborhood

grant park streetcarGrant Park was originally farmland, like most of Portland, but when the street car came in, in the 1890s, it began to grow. Streets were platted, NE Broadway sprouted stores and businesses, and grew like crazy. NE Portland was growing quickly because of the street car access, Broadway wentbroadway history straight into downtown over the Broadway Bridge, and the east Portlanders needed a place to buy their food, get their shoes fixed, purchase clothes and everything else they needed to have in order to live. Northeast Broadway, one of the district’s main thoroughfares, naturally became a busy strip of restaurants and shops needed. It was one of the main commercial retail areas on the east side. And it really never lost that edge.

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