Rose City Park Neighborhood

portland neighborhood guide, Rose City Park Neighborhood
Rose City Park Neighborhood is  wonderful and peaceful with beautiful Craftsman Bungalows, English cottages, Mid-Century, and smaller Bungalows- many streets tree lined-a family oriented neighborhood that is very popular. Most of the houses have lots of historical charm and character- fireplaces with built-ins, wide moldings, hardwood or fir floors, picture molding, arches….. and during the past few years many of them have been restored! There are all sizes of homes, from the huge ones that are on the bluff overlooking the Rose City Golf Course to the small bungalow that is affordable to most people- there is a wide variety in this neighborhood.
Another thing I love about Rose City Park Neighborhood is that so many people have beautiful yards, lots of trees, vegetable gardens, and some people even plant flowers and vegetables between the sidewalk and street! It is a lot of fun just to walk through some of these neighborhoods and look at the cool old historic homes and beautiful gardens! There are also almost 200 acres of green space – the huge Rose City Golf Course and 3 parks! Rose City Park runs right along Fremont, so most of the houses are within walking or biking distance to the Beaumont area Fremont shops- and it also borders on Hollywood with it’s huge business area! Rose City Golf Course runs right through the middle of it- and some of the houses are on the bluff overlooking the golf course! Boundaries are NE 47th to the west, 65th to the east, Fremont to the north and I 84 to the south. The neighborhoods that border it are Cully to the north, Roseway to the east, Grant Park and Hollywood to the west and Center to the south. There are also alot of food carts in the Rose City Food Park

Parks in Rose City Park Neighborhood

  • Rose City Park is on 62nd and Tillamook and has a play area, disabled access restroom, walking paths picnic tables, soccer field, softball field, tennis court, and tennis courts, which are lighted.
  • Normandale Park is on 57th and Halsey- has an off leash dog park, plus basketball court, football field, walking paths, picnic tables, playground, soccer field, softball field, and volleyball court. It is pretty big- 14 acres!
  • Frazer Park has an off leash dog park and is about 4 acres- it is on 52nd and Hassalo
  • Rose City Golf Course has a pretty interesting past- It used to be the Portland Country Club. The first nine holes of today’s golf course used to be one of four racetracks which are now park property. This was also the first landing field for airplanes in the vicinity. Today, this golf course features challenging long par 4s and tree-lined fairways and is 150 acres. It is below a bluff- so the houses above look down on the gorgeous acreage!

History of Rose City Park Neighborhood

farmland in rose cityThe neighborhood was platted in 1907, the year of the first Portland Rose Festival. Trolley service from Downtown Portland was also put in that that year by the Portland Railway, Light & Power Co. It ran until 1936. This helped get the neighborhood started because of the good public transportation to downtown. A lot of this neighborhood was built on the Alameda Ridge- which runs right through the middle of it! The steep hillside on the south side of the ridge provides beautiful views of Northeast Portland and the downtown skyline.
secret stairways from Grant to AlamedaBecause the Ridge was developed before cars were the primary mode of transportation, there are a lot of public stairways that you can take to get down to the southern part of the area- Many of these stairways are still being used. Alameda Ridge runs through the Rose City Park, Sabin, Alameda and Beaumont Neighborhoods, with some of the most expensive homes (some being worth more than one million dollars) located along the upper edge of the southern slope in the Rose City Park neighborhood! can tell you a lot about this neighborhood including crime- with every specific crime listed on map! It also has all the businesses in the area, historic permits, permits for work done recently on houses….all kinds of things. Just put in an address and it will bring it up!

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The MAX and buses make public transportation really good!
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You can find all kinds of All kinds of information about crime, maps, etc, even exactly what happened where, if you just put in an address in Portland. There are lots of other things you can learn there- like census information, maps, school info, parks, environmental issues, permits on houses, nuisance complaints and taxes.