Arlington Heights Neighborhood

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Here are some photos made into a collage to give you a feel for what is in and around Arlington Hts

Arlington Heights Neighborhood is south of Burnside, so technically in SW Portland, but the city of Portland includes it in the NW Neighborhood coalition, so we are including it in both NW and SW.  It is up in the hills just west out of Portland tucked into the lush greenery of Forest Park and close to Washington Park, some parts of it walkable to downtown through Washington Park or down stairs and trails that connect the hills with the city!

The houses up here are mostly very expensive, some over a million dollars, some with breathtaking sweeping views of the city, some on stilts, some historic and some are new! It is bordered by the Northwest Heights,  Sylvan Highlands, Hillside, Northwest and Goose Hollow neighborhoods, with the boundaries being E Burnside to the north, SW Fairview to the south, SW Wright to the east and the west border is hard to determine! So it is the closest real residential area to downtown NW Portland-just 5 minutes or less. You can actually walk or easily ride your bike to the downtown area, Washington Park, and NW 23rd- and alot of people. You can then take a bus back- the hills are pretty steep! The roads are windy and hilly- many of the houses have awesome views of either the city and mountains, the forest the Cascade mountains-Mt St Helens or Mt Hood, or the west valleys and hills.

This neighborhood is really the closest neighborhood to being the home of Washington Park – a gorgeous huge park that as a zoo,  Hoyt Arboretum,  Rose Garden,  Children’s Museum,  Forestry Center, the Japanese Garden, the Holocaust Memorial, and miles and miles of trails. The streets are narrow and quaint in this area and wind in and around Washington Park, so alot of the houses are right on the edge of it.  Miles and miles of trails traverse the SW hills, all through Forest Park,  Washington Park and into the downtown through neighborhoods.

There averages only 6 people per acre in this neighborhood, and the area of the neighborhood is just over 100 acres. Arlington Heights has all kinds of architectural styles-from the Victorian cottage, the English style, the Craftsman, to the latest modern styles, most of the homes have large lots, beautiful gardens and spectacular views. This is an older neighborhood- 60 percent of the homes were built before 1939! The homes prices go well over 1,300,000!

Parks in Arlington Heights Neighborhood

portland neighborhood Guide, washington park
Here is a map of what Portland zoo has to offer
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Map of the different areas of trees and other landscape
    • Forest Park is the nations largest park in the city, and it is right on the edge of Arlington Heights Neighborhood.  It goes for 8 miles out along the hill that overlooks the Willamette River and it’s main trail, the Wildwood, is over 30 miles long!  There is all kinds of wildlife, including the little pigmy owl that they have been showing on PBS!  It is a spectacular forest in the city! You feel like you are way out, up in the mountains.
    • Pittock Mansion is off Burnside within the forest that be becomes Forest Park.  There are trails all over that lead up to it, and tours to see the inside.  It has sweeping views from both the grounds and some of the house, of the city and River!