Hazelwood and Mill Park Neighborhoods

Hazelwood Neighborhood is one of the largest neighborhoods in Portland at 4 square miles, it is also the third most populated.

photo tour of hazelwood neighborhood

Hazelwood Neighborhood is found in outer NE Portland past 205, but south of 84. My daughter lived in Hazelwood Neighborhood several years ago, and I was impressed by the mid century homes with hardwood floors, large yards and classic details like coved ceilings and fireplaces. Most of the neighborhood is pretty quiet, with lots of trees, and a huge business area for shopping. This area is more affordable than the inner Portland neighborhoods, although it does vary quite a bit, depending on how far out you are. The western section borders Montavilla neighborhood, which is a super hot area next to Mt Tabor, with a really cute trendy business area on Stark St. Hazelwood is just a few blocks from there, but you have to cross both the MAX on 92nd and NE 82nd, which isn’t a great area! Most of the houses were built in the 50’s and 60’s, but there is also some new construction, including townhomes and new houses. Because of the price, and the fact that there are quite a few small, mid century homes with hardwoods and the characteristic details of the 50s and 60s, Hazelwood could be a good option for those looking for a cute starter home.

There are more than 800 businesses in this neighborhood, with over 15,000 employees in total. Hazelwood contains the Gateway District, which was one of Portland’s Urban Renewal areas, bringing in the MAX light rail train…the Blue Line, which goes from Gresham to Portland with a stop at the airport. It makes a turn at 205, and then heads out along Burnside farther east. The MAX Green Line also goes through this neighborhood, and it runs north-south along the western boundary of the neighborhood and the original MAX Blue Line runs eastward through the middle. MAX stops at four locations in Hazelwood: Gateway Transit Center (Red, Blue, & Green Lines), Main Street (Green), 102nd & 122nd Avenue (Blue), and two locations on the neighborhood edge, 148th AvenueIt is not a bad place if you have to commute into Portland. You can take the Max, get on one of the freeways, or even take Glisan or Burnsdde into town.

glendoveer golf and tennisGlendoveer Golf and Tennis in the Hazelwood neighborhood too, which is a big plus for people who like to jog. There is a jogging trail that goes all along the perimeter of the golf course, which is quite big! Glendoveer isn’t your ordinary golf course, it is integrated into the community and offers a lot of extrasj. Their website describes it as ahub of fitness and community, Glendoveer Golf Course and Nature Trail has something for almost everybody. Beginning golfers often start with the relatively flat, par-71 west course; experienced players take on hills and bunkers at the par-73 east course. A covered driving range is heated during colder months. Play a round of FootGolf, the innovative sport that combines soccer and golf. They have a 2 mile jogging nature trail, 4 indoor tennis courts and lessons for golf and tennis.

There are several parks in this neighborhood, according the the Hazelwood Neighborhod Association. Cherry Park is about 10 acres, is mostly grass with a dog park, Cherry Blossom Park is less than an acre and just has picnic tables and some paths , East Holladay Park, Lincoln Park, North Powellhurst Park, Ventura Park, Hazelwood HydroPark and Community Garden, East Holladay Park is 5 acres, withaccessible play area, dog off-leash area, paths – paved, and playground. There is one other park in Hazelwood, Ventur Park which is 7 acres, and has paths – paved, picnic tables, playground, pump track, and statue or public art. they have a Slavic Fest every year with Russian speaker, dancing, entertainment, Slavic food, art, slavic festdisplays and fun things to do!

Hazelwood Neighborhood has quite a few medical facilities close by, including the Adventist Hospital, and all the medical offices that go along with it. There are also several huge shopping areas, with all kinds of stores, from grocery stores, to big clothing stores like Kohls and Target. The Gateway shopping area is huge! Mall 205 is also close, and lots of fast food restaurants and restaurant chains are in this area.

Gateway was involved in the urban renewal project started right before the crash in 2008. They had high hopes for the neighborhood, wanting it to become a regional center full of high tech jobs and educational institutions…almost a 2nd downtown with parks, bike lanes, coffee shops and a good quality of life. But when the crash came, it kind of stopped right in the middle, and never really picked up, just like the Lents neighborhood in SE Portland. It may still happen, it is close to the city, just outside of the hot inner city, with the MAX going right through it. Portland is still expanding, so I forsee the area getting better and better as time goes on.

Mill Park is tucked into Hazelwood, and it kind of blends in. It runs from SE Stark to SE Division, and is an area that has some high crime statistics, although I have sold homes within the protected little streets of this area that are really cute, and the neighbors watch out for each other. Lincoln Park is in this neighborhood, which is a 7 acre park that hashorseshoe pit, paths – paved, paths – unpaved, picnic tables, playground, and volleyball court.