Maywood Park Neighborhood

Maywood Park Neighborhood is in outer east Portland, just east of 205, nestled into a forest of cedar and fir trees, with a beautiful bike path encircling it, and it’s own mayor!!

maywood park photo tour

Maywood Park Neighborhood is a very unique area.  The houses were built mostly in the early to mid 1900s, they all have huge yards, and they all have cesspools or septic tanks instead of sewers!  It is 6 miles east of downtown Portland, in the shadow of Rocky Butte.  The homes are picturesque, and nostalgic with quiet wide streets and lots of charm.   The 40 miles loop trail connects with the Maywood Park neighborhood trail, which is a real asset!

The city is surrounded by the city of Portland, a very unique situation to be in. The schools are Parkrose, the neighborhood is very close knit, and as you drive around the streets, especially the outside boundary, there are beautiful huge old trees.  Many of the houses are historic, some Old English, some Tudor, lots of Colonial- the neighborhood is charming, with vintage street lights, lush lawns with lots of flowers and pretty bushes…it is a little protected piece of history and nature, surrounded by freeways, busy streets and urban Portland.

Houses here are more affordable than the inner neighborhoods of Portland, and many of them are quite large. I love the fact that most of the houses have both big front yards and big back yards.  People walk and job throughout the neighborhood, with dogs, strollers or just by themselves.