South Tabor Neighborhood

South Tabor neighborhood – Land of Mt Tabor volcano

south tabor collageSouth Tabor neighborhood in southeastern Portland, Oregon. The neighborhood is bounded by SE Division, Powell, 52nd, and 82nd Avenues or bordered by the neighborhoods of Richmond, Mt Tabor, Powellhurst Gilbert and Foster Powell. It is getting more and more popular as Portland pushes outward to the east. There are lots of cute older homes, mid century homes and new ones being built. Many of the homes have big lots, which is unusual in Portland. Homes have typically been cheaper here, so you can afford more home for your money, but it is going up just like everything else. The South Tabor Neighborhood isn’t as charming, historic or full of character like many of the other Portland neighborhoods are, but that is partly because it is a little bit farther out. It was named after Mt Tabor, an extinct volcano, and because it is so close to Mt. Tabor you will find over 200 acres you use for hiking, picnicking, horseshoes, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and even reserve your next wedding site here.

Eats and Sips

You really aren’t super close to restaurants, pubs, shops or cafes. Most of them are either closer in on Division up to about 52nd, or Hawthorne. There are also some on Stark behind Mt Tabor. South Tabor is known for a diverse array of restaurants; everything from seafood to Ethiopian food can be found here.

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The MAX and buses make public transportation really good!
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