Ash Creek Neighborhood

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Here is a slice of Ash Creek neighborhood amenities in pictures

Ash Creek Neighborhood is a long, kind of skinny neighborhood that goes all the way from I 5 on it’s south side, to Multnomah Blvd on it’s north side.  It borders Maplewood to the north, Multnomah and Crestwood to the east, Far Southwest to the south, and Garden Home-Whitford and Tigard to the west. The neighborhood is mostly in Multnomah County, but also goes a little bit into Washington County, so taxes are lower in this part of the neighborhood! The northernmost part of the neighborhood borders Multnomah Blvd, so you are pretty close to Gabriel Park and Multnomah Village, which is a historic little town with really good restaurants, cafes, and funky shops! There is a cool Art Center there, where we had my daughter’s wedding reception!

On the south side of the Ash Creek Neighborhood, it is also  close to Tryon Creek State Park- which is a huge forest area that goes all the way down to Lake Oswego, and it has it’s own park, the Ash Creek Natural Area, and Dickenson Park borders the east side of it.  It isn’t far from Tigard, in fact it is right next to it, so you are close to everything Tigard has to offer, which is a lot!  You can learn more about Tigard in the SW Suburb section of the guide, and Multnomah Village in the SW neighborhood section.

The Ash Creek Neighborhood is mostly forested, secluded and more like a suburb.  There are trails for walking through the forest all over.  You can even walk all the way down to Lake Oswego and the Willamette River through Tryon Creek State Park!  It is a pretty easy commute to downtown, either take I 5, or if the traffic is bad, you can take Barbur Blvd which usually is pretty open.

There are all types of houses in this neighborhood, some built in the 20s and 30s, mostly bungalows, and then mid century up through brand new!  The lots were big, so as they were divided and sold off over the years, houses were built from that generation or decade.  There isn’t alot of open space, mostly trees. And not many if any, sidewalks, but most of the streets are pretty quiet.

Parks in Ash Creek Neighborhood

  • Ashcreek Natural area which has walking trails, beautiful greenery and wildlife. It is about 5 acres.
  • Duniway Lilac Garden, which has over 225 lilacs is a beautiful place when the lilacs are in bloom. It was once home to Portland’s first Italian community, and planted the lilacs back in the early 1900s. It also has a state-of-the-art running track made from recycled rubber, including over 20,000 lbs. of athletic shoe soles donated by Nike, Inc in Beaverton. The park is partly flat, but also on a hillside covered with fir and cedar.
  • Woods Natural Area, which is forest that goes down into a gully, with trails. I read a description on yelp, which gives insight into this park : This little area is so beautiful, and quiet. It’s nestled in a busy spot off capitol, but being in there you’d never know that just beyond the trees are a bunch of angry, impatient drivers screaming at their steering wheels while sitting in traffic. The trails offer a little bit of uphill/downhill challenge, variety, and there’s a creek that runs through the park– if you follow it down you’ll find a peaceful little clearing. I’ve been coming to this park (almost daily for a while), and it’s never boring.
  • Dickensen borders it, which is a pretty park on the edge of hill with view towards Tigard valley area.
  • Gabriel Park is a huge amazing park that is on the other side of Multnomah Blvd, so pretty close to part of the neighborhood. It also has a big community garden with raised beds, and lots of trails winding through it.

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