West Portland Park Neighborhood

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Here is a photo snapshot of what is unique about West Portland Park neighborhood

West Portland Park neighborhood in Portland, is a neighborhood surrounded by trees and forest, streams and nature. It begins pretty close to Portland, at 35th, so most of the houses were built in the early years, the 1940s through the mid century to the 1980s. Since then new little areas have been built, or a new house tucked in wherever someone can find room! This neighborhood is very close to Portland Community College Sylvania complex. It is about 10 to 15 minutes to Portland, depending on what part of the neighborhood you live in. It feels more like a suburb than urban, very secluded, with a lot of forest and trees, and most of the houses have large, pretty private lots. It is south of Barbur, so if you head off 99W, you head down the hill towards

PCC Sylvania campus

PCC Sylvania campus

Tryon Creek, and if you go to the west, you find yourself in Lake Oswego, which rises up on the hill past PCC. The boundaries of West Portland Park are SW 53rd Ave. in the west and SW 35th Ave. in the east, and I-5 in the north and SW Stephenson St. in the south, and is bordered by the neighborhoods of the Far Southwest, Multnomah, Markham, Lake Oswego and Arnold Creek.

The Loll Wildwood Natural area is 17 acres, mostly newer forest, with creek running through it. There are quite a few trails going through it. There is also a small park of just over an acre, but they have done a lot with it. It is Holly Farm Park, and has a skateboard park, a playground and grassy lawn. It used to be a holly tree farm.
The one negative about the neighborhood is that you are pretty far from shopping, restaurants and any

islamic center

Islamic center

other kind of business. You can go to Lake Oswego or Tigard to get what you need, but it is about a 10 min drive. Because of the PCC Sylvania College being so close, there are some ethnic restaurants nearby, like The Hummus Shop, Kohi Osakaya and Baba Fresh which is popular with the college crowd.

The northern part of the West Portland Park neighborhood, Capitol Hill, has an Islamic Center, Islamic School, and Mosque, and the Capitol Hill Library. It is on the way up the hill to the college.